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#UCCShooting -You need to DO SOMETHING! Here's why.


‪#‎US‬ Social Media Classification of mass shootings:

Black shooter=Entire race responsible Brown shooter=Entire religion responsible White shooter=Mentally ill "Gun activist"


People are people, weapons are weapons, & your to busy thinking way too into this making all these statements most likely based on what you believe is true based on what YOUR beliefs are...

How about we instead just think PEOPLE HAVE LIVES and BEATING HEARTS and no one should ever deserve to have that right taken away by any weapon,religion, race or mental illness. PERIOD.Just pray for the ones who have been lost and PRAY that this will be the last. All it takes is to be an activist in the right way- and stop making rant statements about it and DO something about it. If you see warning signs, say something and prevent this from happening. My sister Mercedes Corlis did that in our very own high school next to this exact school. Many people have forgotten that someone carried a gun in his backpack and she was the one who insured he never meant to use it .While not another person said anything after they knew. Two days later Roseburg High school had a shooter-

BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!! I said my peace. Don't just talk about it DO something about it.


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