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The Time I worked on WL!?



Growing up, my mother and I always watched the show "Whose line is it anyway?!". One of my favorite memories was of her and myself  watching the show and bonding. It was always a fun show to watch, with tons of laughable moments. Needless to say, I got the opportunity to work on it and it was one of my best career choices. This show was one of the best opportunities I had to learn how big shows get produced. 

The time I watched Cloris Leachmans two dogs. 

One time on set, I was fortunate enough to work with the talented Cloris Leachman. She loved her dog's so much that she would bring them both to set. While filming, the weather was so hot that the two dogs got to have their own trailer. Meaning that when Cloris was on set they got her trailer all to themselves.Of course they couldn't be left alone, so I got to be the lucky PA that got to dog sit them. They both were so well behaved, and little stars themselves. This picture shows just how adorable those dogs were. 

Photo Gallery: The Film Life


The Time I met Makoto Nagano
I was working on American Ninja Warrior in Dallas and fell in love with the show. This show was a huge production that took a lot of work. That didn't discourage me from wanting to travel to Las Vegas to work on the big Mount Midoriyama finale. There were four of us Dallas PA's that got in a car and drove to Las Vegas as if we were going on some vacation, but instead were going to work long hard days. On one of the last days the show had brought in Makoto Nagano from Japan's version of the show Sasuke. I was assigned to accommodate him and all of his family and friends. It was an interesting experience, especially since I didn't even know or understand Japanese language. The only thing I could figure out was how to get this photo with him. Thankfully having a camera on hand was all I needed to get him to understand I wanted a photo. 
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